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Seniors Pricing

Buying By Sheet & Packages

Call for Package and Sheet Pricing

Wallet Specials

24 Wallets $30.00

48 Wallets $50.00

96 Wallets $80.00

Graphic Art Work Design

$25.00 per design

Postcard Style Invites

Card stock invite 4x6 in size. Flat with information and images on front and back

Color or black-n-white.

Envelopes included.

100 $150.00

250 $250.00

500 $400.00

Folded Style Invites

Card Stock invites folded 4x6 size price below other sizes ava.

Images can be put all over the entire card. Information about the event can be put anywhere

on the invite. Envelopes included.

100 $260.00

250 $570.00

500 $850.00

Flat Photo Style Invites

Invites are printed on Kodak paper

sizes can be 4x6 or 5x7 images an invite information only available on front only

Envelopes included.

4x6 sizes $1.00

5x7 sizes $1.50

New Senior Buzz Cards

Name and information such as email, cell, pictures, my space

and other personal information you may want to add.

Only comes in groups of 100

100 buzz cards $65.00

Session fees are $25.00 for each session indoor/outdoor. Outdoor sessions pricing above only includes one location. Addtional locations mean addtional pricing. Sessions are by appointment only. Session last about 45 min to an hour. Seniors are allowed to bring three changes of clothing. But, need to remain on schdeule with their appointment and also with thier session. Addtional changes are extra. Senior should bring personal props that will make their session their own sunglasses, sports equipment, and other personal items.